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Microsoft FrontPage Compatible Hosting

It can be difficult to find companies that have built-in support for FrontPage, and many hosting companies are now dropping support for FrontPage. If a hosting company does support FrontPage, you often have to request that the FrontPage server extensions be installed on your account before you can use the service. We provide support for FrontPage on all of our accounts by default, so it's always available. Further, you have our guarantee that we will always support FrontPage, both now and in the future. We provide many tutorials to help with the process of publishing with FrontPage; although, FrontPage makes the process very simple.

We've also found that moving a FrontPage website from one provider can also be difficult, as FrontPage requires that your domain name be pointing to the web server before you can publish; this often results in some downtime during the move of a FrontPage website. We will copy your FrontPage website from your current provider over to our server at no charge. We do this to ensure that you won't experience any downtime during the switch to our services. We are also available to help with the entire transition, including help making the change on your domain name to list us as your new hosting company.

If you need help getting started with FrontPage, we've found that is a great place to get free help with FrontPage. If you're looking for a good selection of website templates to help you get started with a website, please visit where you'll find a decent selection of templates available.
  We will copy your FrontPage website from your current provider over to our server at no charge.

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